Merry Christmas

For those of you I don't have address' for... here is what we're sending out this year:

and the letter that will accompany it:

The past couple of years our annual family letter has been dwindling... and this will probably be the last. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a card, but it has become increasingly difficult to condense our year into one simple letter. I’m sure you will all miss Chris’ thoughtful letters, I know I will. But, we are grateful for new technology that allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family all year long. If you haven’t already, come find us on facebook, follow our family blog (www.thehigbees.blogspot.com -and please let us know if you have one), Chris is even on twitter, and there is always good old email (cohigbee@gmail.com, kthigbee@yahoo.com) or even snail mail! We hope to hear from ALL of you!!

So, for the final edition of our annual epistle here is what’s going on in a nutshell:

Chris started a new job with HireVue as the VP of Marketing in March and is lucky to be able to work from home. He continues to love all things outdoors, going to sporting events, movie nights and performing when he can (he just produced and performed in an awesome Christmas Concert for a corporate event). He was an awesome Cub Master for the past couple years and just recently started working with the 16-18 year old Young Men in our church.

I am busy with your basic mom stuff... lots of housework and driving... it seems to never end. But I also find great joy serving on our city’s civic events committee, serving as our church music chairman, and was recently asked to be a cultural arts specialist for our area. I am most excited about turning my passion for photography into a business and really hope to spend more time on that this coming year. I really love being with my kids and having the opportunity to enjoy them as they grow.

Cassidy is back in school at UVU and just had a very successful semester. She has developed a love of Interior Design and thinks that might be the major for her. She is still working at DownEast and just got a new (to her) VW Beetle... so cute! She also nannies quite a bit for families in our neighborhood. She is a VERY busy girl. Cass continues to be the life of the party and is so fun to have in our home.

Max turned 12 this year and is in Jr High! He is doing great and enjoying all the things that come with it (cell phone, a little more freedom, pimples and squeaky voice). You wouldn’t believe how much he has grown!! We can hardly keep him in shoes and pants that fit and hope his growing doesn’t blow our budget for the coming year. He also plays the piano, cello and guitar and participates in Boy Scouts. He started club soccer this year with his Dad as the coach. It was quite challenging, but he really grew a lot and we are now looking forward to the spring season.

Abby is in the 3rd grade accelerated learning class at school and loving(?) the challenge. She really loves taekwondo and is doing quite well. She also takes dance and performed in 2 recitals... she even did a tap solo! She loves to sing and always has something coming out of her mouth... lucky for us she is actually quite good. She also loves poetry and art and earned an honorable mention in the reflections contest at
school. She is becoming quite a lady and trying really hard to be responsible. She was also baptized this year and we are so proud of her decision.

Afton is still a light in our home (despite the picture... it was very cold). She is always happy and cheerful and loves everyone wholeheartedly. She started preschool in the fall and LOVES it. She is learning so much, I am continually amazed at what she can spell and the concepts she comes home with. She has a very detailed imagination and is a joy to play with. She loves her little brother and is a great helper with him. She is also the child that always offers to help me fold laundry, clean toilets, do dishes, make dinner, you name it (I am really hoping this quality sticks around). I can’t believe how quickly she is growing!

Cole is truly our little monkey. He climbs everything can get out of anything and never stops. Ever. It is quite exhausting to be his mother, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Someone has to be with him constantly! But, he is so fun to be around and keeps us laughing... we’re convinced he will be the “class clown.” In spite of the challenges of his busy-ness, he is a very consistent little guy as far as naps and bedtime goes, which is awesome! He adores his older siblings and wants to do whatever they do. He also has quite the vocabulary and even signs a little. I am so excited to watch him grow this next year.

We have had a lot of great adventures as a family this year... Las Vegas for Spring Break, a beach house in Ventura in August, a couple family weddings, new schools, new jobs, and holidays spent with loved ones. We are grateful for family and friends like you who enrich our lives. We feel very blessed. We hope this finds you all healthy and happy and loving the life you are living.

Much Love,
The Higbee Family
Chris, Katie, Cassidy, Max, Abby, Afton, and Cole

Happy Holidays!!
We wish you all the very best!