Busy, Busy!!

So perhaps July was not the best time to try to get back to the old blog! It has been a truly crazy busy couple of weeks. Just a quick recap of where we've been this month:

June 26- July 1 Swenson Family Reunion in Zion, Utah
July 1- 14 Favorite cousins in town from California
July 17-23 More favorite cousins visit from Colorado
July 21-24 Higbee Family Reunion
July 28-31 Farnsworth Family Reunion in Island Park, Idaho
August 1-8 Trip to California to visit my Grammy

Add to that lots of photography, Saratoga Splash (I'm on the Committee), Chris' 20 year HS Reunion (he was in charge), day camps for the girls, a volunteer summer job at Thanksgiving Point (Max), Scout Camp (Chris), Scout Camp (Max), Space Camp (Max), Youth Conference (Chris), soccer, a couple business trips, concerts, holidays, birthdays, guitar and taekwondo, a stake calling that's keeping me on my toes and some smaller reunions and there hasn't been much time for blogging!

Needless to say I am painfully behind on editing pictures for clients, but once that is done and the kids are back in school (ahhh, routine!) I will post more about our exciting summer adventures!

Until then we need to get haircuts, new shoes, new clothes, school supplies and registered for school and Fall activities. 3 different schools this year, 3 different back to school nights, 3 different schedules to plan around. Lots of fun extra curricular activities planned. Looks like it's going to be a great year.