Dear Readers,

I am sure that both of you have been wondering about the lack of posts lately. I noticed that I haven't really posted anything for a month and a half... just the random video here and there so the blog doesn't feel too neglected. So, what's up? No excuse, really, just busy. Have you ever suddenly found yourself really busy and aren't really sure how it happened? That's me right now. I'd love to say that I'll catch up soon, but I don't want to make any promises because I really don't know when it will happen. I want to blog and if you could read my "imaginary blog" (the one in my head) I'm sure you would feel very entertained. I have made sure to keep up on all of your blogs and love to see what you are all up to. So, If I'm not blogging what am I doing? Here's a quick update of what has been keeping me away from the blog... in case I don't get around to posting for real anytime soon (in no particular order):

- Max made the school soccer team (which adds to my time in the car... and away from the blog)
- Chris got a job and starts tomorrow! Yeah!! After 7 months of  unemployment we are grateful and relieved that he is gainfully employed again. The job allows him to work from home so we have spent the past couple weeks cleaning out and reorganizing the office so it is ready for him to work in.
- I got a new imac. I am so excited. It is huge and I can see my pictures on it really well. It is all set up for me in the basement (as I can no longer work in the office) and it took quite some time to clean all the data off the old computers and get it all on the new computer.
- Coleman went from sweet stationary baby to extremely busy mobile baby in what felt like a few minutes. Gone are the days of setting him in one place and doing whatever I want to do. He is everywhere and into everything. I spend most of my time following him around to keep him out of and rescue him from precarious positions! 
- My little Afton, who has always played so sweetly, has entered that stage where all play must include large messes. Her favorite activity is emptying ALL the clothes out of the dresser and trying them all on.
- Abby is doing Taekwondo and ballet. She loves them both and is very busy every afternoon. No wonder she sleeps like  bear!
- I decided I needed more to do so I volunteered to serve on our city's civics committee. While it is a lot of fun, it is turning out to be much more time consuming then I imagined. I am over entertainment for the city's big celebration in June. This includes a community talent competition, local performers for the Saturday carnival and a main headliner performer on Saturday night. This little project is taking a lot of my time. (I could really use a committee if any one here in Saratoga is interested in serving).
- I am also helping my Uncle find soloists to sing the National Anthem at the National Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament at the Salt Palace if you know any amazing singers send them my way.
- Oh... then there's cub scouts. I am the Cub Committee Chair and Chris is the Cub Master. Lots of fun and lots of work! In addition to the ward committee meetings we have roundtable and pack meeting every month. AND I'm trying to get summer all planned (including camps) so it will be less stressful during those crazy summer months. I'll tell you what... the scouts are going to have FUN this summer!
- The State Geography Bee is this Friday. Max did qualify as one of the top 100 on the written test so we have been spending a lot of time studying as a family. Send good vibes his way  on Friday morning.
- My mom and grammy came to visit and we had a wonderful time. It happened to be my mom's birthday weekend and it was fun to celebrate with her. The kids had lots of good "grandma time" and we visited the dinosaur museum and the farm and ate lots of good food.
- Chris had a minor surgical procedure last Friday (no big deal, he's fine) but the pain meds made him really sick so it was a LOOOONG weekend.
- I have been doing a ton of organizing and decluttering. I have gotten rid of so much stuff it feels great! I did cry when I gave away my baby girl clothes... not because I want another baby, just because I am sad mine are growing up and this part of my life is coming to a close.
- Our extended family has kept us busy as well... weddings, new babies, baptisms, showers, performances... we are grateful to have so many people to love and who love us and fill our lives with lots to do.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I forgot something but I have to go...I'm really busy... remember! Only 2 more months until summer. I look forward to things slowing down a bit and getting back to a more normal routine. (haha... normal... right...)


chantelkeller said...

Katie you are awesome. You have a great life. I wish I lived closer to share it with you more often.:)

Amy said...

I have been wondering, waiting, checking in often, so I'm glad to hear what's been keeping you. You are overbooked!!! But, your life is filled up with the important things, so you are forgiven.

Ashley Harmon said...

Family life sounds so amazing! I wish I could've read a blog of you in college. How did you manage your time then? Lots of plays, performances and auditions, I'm sure.

Good luck to Max!

Lesa said...

wow! I feel like we are in the same place in life right now. You have a better attitude than me though. Your a good example...thanks

Danielle said...

Sounds a little like my life, I dont know what happened, it does make time fly by way fast though doesnt it? Glad to hear all is well. besos

Melanie said...

Sounds to me like you are going to be admitted to the funny farm soon! Life should be busy..