Max is officially 12!! He had his birthday last Friday. I can't believe it. I especially can't believe that on his next birthday he will be a teenager! Crazy how quickly time flies. I still remember so clearly the day he came into our lives. He is our firstborn and his arrival was probably the most life changing of all of our children. He made me a mom. He has had to endure all of my learning moments. I am grateful to him for his patience and helping me learn to be a good mom. I remember back when it was just him... no other kids around. He and I had some really good times. He was totally my little buddy. I remember telling Chris how much I enjoyed spending time with Max and just having conversations with him... even when he was just 2. He was always so curious and interested in he world around him that even a trip to the grocery store could be an adventure. He has been a joy and I love the young man is becoming. Over that past few months we have noticed huge changes in Max, both physical and otherwise. He is definitely taller, he's shaving, we all know how proud he is of his armpit hair, and he grows out of clothes and shoes faster than I can replace them... which is great for his younger cousins! But it's the other differences that mean the most to me. He is mellowing out, he's great with his younger siblings, he tries to be helpful at home, he is quick to apologize, he is loving school and scouts, he practices his instruments without being asked... he really is becoming a man. We love this kid so much and are so proud of who is and who he is trying to become.

Happy, Happy Birthday Max!!
(Sorry this is 4 days late)


Ashley Serena said...

A big happy birthday to Max! Great portrait of him!

Heather said...

He is going to be one handsome teenager. That's when you'll need to start the home-schooling!

Karen Webb said...

Max you remind me so much of your dad. He was and is such an amazing guy! I am so proud that he has such an awesome son like you! I love you buddy!