Happiest Birthday Girl There Ever Was

You'll remember that I mentioned in a previous post that Afton has really been looking forward to her birthday... a lot! We have had a lot of family birthdays lately and it killed her every time it wasn't hers... AGAIN. Well, once a month we get together with Chris' side of the family and celebrate all the birthdays for the month. On this particular night Afton's was included, but there were also about 8 others. You never would have guessed though. She took command of that party and made it her own. When the song was sung she want right to the front of the room and beamed like she's never beamed before. Chris and I were laughing so hard. I had to share some of her joy with all my friends on the blog!!
I'll bet any of you ten bucks you have a big grin on your face right now!


Heidi Madsen said...

Seriously, Afton is such a darling little girl! Her face is priceless and she can talk like no other three year old I've ever met.

Sarah Shelley said...

Super cute! I would have to say that my favorite picture is the one of her with her hands clasped together, as if to say "oh! for me!?? You shouldn't have." Darling!

Karen Webb said...

Why can't they stay that cute?