Today this beautiful, sweet, joyful little girl turned three years old. Words can not begin to express my feelings for little Afton. She is a light in our home and such a blessing in our lives. I can remember the day she was born so well. We thought we were done having kids, but after a five year wait she finally joined our family. It is the only time I remember crying at the birth of one of our children. I can definitely see the hand of God in how things happened because the timing couldn't have been more perfect and we were so ready for her when she arrived. To say we were happy would be an understatement.
Afton could not wait for her birthday. She has been talking about it for months and planning. It has been very challenging for her to watch so many others celebrate and she kept asking us when it was her birthday. We celebrated last Sunday with all the Higbee's and you've never seen a little girl so thrilled to have people singing 'Happy Birthday' to HER! She celebrated again at preschool yesterday and picked special cupcakes to share with her class. She enjoyed all the phone calls and birthday wishes today as we went about our normal routine. We will round out 'birthday week' with a celebration Sunday evening for my side of the family.
How to describe Afton... she is definitely all girl. She loves to dress up and pretend she's a princess (with Cole or Dad as her prince) and she lives for her ballet class. She loves to play pretend and assigns everyone their roles. She speaks well beyond her years and comes up with the funniest stuff. We are always laughing when she is around. She sings all the time and loves to call us Chris and Katie. She started pre-school this fall and couldn't be happier. We are just sure she is the smartest one in her class. She is still teeny-tiny and only wears a 2t, but eats very well and will eat almost anything. She loves everyone with all of her being and isn't afraid to let it show. She is a total cuddler and very physically affectionate. And, just so you won't think she is absolutely perfect: her new favorite words are 'idiot' and 'stupid' and she has recently started hitting Cole thinking that if she says sorry it makes it all okay.
I can't even describe how much we love this little girl. She is my almost constant companion, my little sidekick. What a sweetheart. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Afton. 
Hope this next year is just as great as the last three.
(photos from our beach vacation last August)


Ashley Serena said...

Katie, you take the most beautiful pictures. And happy birthday to little Afton! Every time I get the chance to see her, she's so bubbly--it makes me smile!

Heather said...

Love the photos! What a beautiful entry.

Karen Webb said...

I can't believe she's really 3! I still think I should get to have her more often!

Ace said...

I would like to eat her. She's that cute. The pictures are gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Those are great pictures, you are so talented! And I recognize the location... good times:) I hope we end up going with you guys in a couple of years, that woudl be a blast!

Maryam said...

Katie, the lighting on these is just stunning. Beautiful work! You are getting darn good, lady.

Carrick family said...

I love these pictures! you are so good at it! Afton is so cute!