Cole's 1st Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Well... it was actually just a little Sunday evening get together with family for cake and ice cream to wish Cole a happy first birthday... but it was still fun! We started out playing "How well do you know Coleman". It was packed with pretty tricky questions about Cole's life so far and I think people had to pretty much guess on most of them.
Granny was the champion and answered the most questions correctly, 2nd place was a team effort by cousins Cole's cousins Taylor and Ben and 3rd place want to another cousin, Christopher. They all got a bag of my very favorite sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting from Smart Cookie... for being so smart!
Time for cake! Cole was fascinated by the flame and kept trying to grab it.
He was a little tentative at first but once he got going there was no stopping him!

Once he was bored with the cake he had fun playing peek-a-boo with the balloons.
After a quick bath in the sink it was time to open presents.
We are so grateful to all our family who came to celebrate Cole's first birthday with us. It means the world to us to have you all in our lives and we appreciated the effort you all made to come.
4 generations: Cole, me, my dad and step-mom, and my grandparent's (my dad's mom and dad) and 3 generations: Cole, his dad, and his grandparents.
With his Uncle Luke, Uncle Peter, Aunt Aubrey, Granny and Grandpa RJ
With Great Grandpa and Grandma Farnsworth
With Grandma and Grandpa Higbee
With his Great Uncle Joel and cousins Dallas and Katlin
Uncle Marvin
Kisses from cousin Alyssa and Aunt Jolie
Cousin Matthew, Aunt Leisa and Cousin Chris
Uncle Sam and Aunt Saundra and cousins Lizzie, Taylor, Ben and Sarah
Aunt Karen and Cousin Alec
Us! Max, Chris, Cole, Afton, me, Abby, Cassidy and Roxy.

Coleman sure does have a lot of people who love him.
What a lucky little boy!


Ashley Serena said...

Your family is so big! :) I'm so impressed with how often you meet together. Happy birthday, Coleman!

Karen Webb said...

Okay he's cute! I want the new baby too!

chan said...

i love all of your short haircuts. you look cute. happy bday- coleman