Our Labor Day Weekend "Stay"-cation

I hope you all enjoyed a break from your labors this holiday weekend. I know we did. We  had plans to leave town but we decided to cancel it last minute. We still didn't feel quite recovered from our vacation in August and the start of school, Chris actually had some work to do in preparation for a business trip and we thought we'd rather use the money on something else. So, we decided on a "stay"-cation and tried to do something fun everyday. I took very few pictures so here is the run-down:

Friday night we went to dinner at one of our favorites, "Rubio's" and then, after a stop at the video game store, went home and played on the wii for the rest of the night. Saturday morning was a day of work and we got a lot done. We thoroughly enjoyed the BYU game that evening!! Sunday morning we went to church and enjoyed a Sunday evening drive and walk through the river bottoms. It was such a beautiful evening. On Monday we went up to Park City to do a little shopping at the outlet mall and then enjoy the resort. We topped the day off with caramel apples at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and the only pictures I took of our Labor Day adventures!
Happy Labor Day!


Stowe Family said...

For my birthday a couple years ago we went snowboarding in Park City, and we had those caramel apples from Rocky Mountain afterwards. It was the highlight of my birthday, soo good! We also got a few marshmallows dipped in chocolate and caramel, yum!!

Ashley Serena said...

Oh, good choice! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is where my galpal and I go for a pricey little treat. :) Love those pictures!

Karen Webb said...

It was nice to just stay home and hang out. I love Park City. I forget how lucky we are to have so many fun things to do and places to do them at. We have to plan that fun vacation that we had planned.

Ace said...

I think you make some of the most beautiful children on the planet. Just FYI. :)