I just finished tucking Cole into bed. Last year at this time I was sitting in a hospital bed in American Fork wondering at the beauty of this sweet little boy straight from God. It was joyful. I felt just as much joy tonight as I sat nursing him and rocking him and thinking about the last year with him in my life. I know it's what every mother says, but I seriously can not believe a whole year has passed since that night. On one hand it seems like it was just yesterday and on the other hand I can barely remember my life before he was in it. I guess the lesson here is to really live each minute of life because it goes fast!So, in honor of Cole's special day I am going to tell you a little bit about Cole right now. I usually try to do one for each year of life, but that won't really work for this one so I am going to do 1 for each month instead.

*Cole is my most consistent baby. He has always napped and gone to bed at pretty much the same time every day and with the same routine. 
*Words he says: mama, dada, Afton, Roxy, thank you, hi, bye bye... i think that's it. words he signs: milk, more, eat, and all done.
*Cole is a climber. He literally attempts to climb the walls! He also likes to climb on boxes, toys, tables, you name it... he tries to get on top of it. Instead of playing nicely with toys, he prefers to dump everything out and play in or on the basket the toys were in. This also applies to laundry baskets, kitchen drawers, etc., He does everything BIG and LOUD!
*Cole is a great eater! Always has been. His favorite foods are watermelon, corn, veggie bites, and whatever ever you are eating.
*He is a great mimicker and can usually be found following one of his older siblings around trying to copy whatever they are doing. He really loves them all so much!
*Coleman loves everyone. He truly lights up when he recognizes people... which makes everyone very happy to see him.
*Favorite nicknames include Colie, Cole-man, and monkey.
*Another favorite nickname is Houdini because the kid can get out of anything. And I do mean anything: stroller (either one), grocery cart, car seat (yeah, that's fun). The only thing that can still hold him is the high chair... and I'm not sure how long that wil last.
*Cole started rolling, crawling, and walking early but he has gotten his teeth late (he still only has 2).
*It is very hard to change his diaper, get him dressed or put him in the stroller, high chair or car seat when he doesn't want to be put in them. He has perfected the art of flailing, arching his back and twisting faster and better than any baby I have EVER seen.
*Cole never stops moving (unless he is asleep). He is constantly on the go, even while trying to nurse. It is very exhausting.
*Coleman has the cutest giggle you have ever heard. It comes quickly and is truly contagious.
Happy Birthday!! We love you so much!

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Ashley Serena said...

What a cute little guy. :) He's got the greatest laugh! (So glad I got to film him for Bryn's DVD--now I can watch him giggle whenever my day's sour!)