That's right... PIG TAILS! 
At almost 3 years old I was finally able to style her hair-
other than little clips and headbands.
How precious is that? 
I could not get over how cute she looked!
Side view.
She loved showing off her pig tails to everyone all day 
and she LOVED the attention she got!
And would you look at those eyes!?!
Seriously.... some major cuteness going on here!


Karen Webb said...

Is that why you won't let me have her? Because she is so dang cute?! You have a new baby. She loves Alec and wants him to be her brother anyway.

Heather said...

"Ohhh BABY!" I see those photos and that's exactly what comes to mind. What a sweetheart! You have beautiful children and do a great job of capturing them.