Cole's new favorite thing to do (when he isn't climbing on the piano... and yes, I do mean ON) is definitely peek-a-boo. He'll play it anytime, anywhere with anyone. Next time you see him try it out. It's funny, even though every baby in the history of forever has played this game... it never seems to lose it's novelty or cuteness factor when your baby learns it. We do it over and over and over and we are all laughing along with him. Ah, the simple joys of life with a baby!


Nursapalooza! said...

OMGosh, I LOVE that game, and I'm reeeeally good at it! I wish you lived just a dash closer!

myimaginaryblog said...

SO cute!

I'm kind of constantly amazed at how for each of my babies, the world is fresh and new, and, as you said, it makes the world seem fresh and new for those of use who've been around a bit longer, too.