Ahhh... the first day of school. I LOVE the first day of school. I love the new school supplies, clothes and shoes, haircuts, the excitement in the air and all the promise and opportunity that the new year holds in store. This year is especially exciting for everyone in our family. Max started Junior High, Abby is at the local school for the first time, Afton started pre-school, and Cassidy has a new dedication to getting a college education! Lots of fun and excitement for all! We'll start with Max:

Monday morning, August 24th at 7:15 am he ventured out to catch the bus. I offered to give him a ride since it was the first day, but he insisted that he ride the bus. So much for taking pictures and stuff... but he is growing up and did NOT want to be the kid whose mom drove him to his first day of Jr. High *tear*.
Look at this kid! I can't believe he is officially in Jr. High... it's killing me. Can we please stop time? He is so excited and is still loving it after 2 weeks. He is in the gifted program and loves the challenge. Just yesterday he said to me that he hadn't been feeling well but went to school anyway because Jr. High is actually fun. *fingers crossed that this lasts!*
Max is playing the cello in the orchestra and has to lug it back and forth. I think it's so funny to watch and always ask him if he's sure he wouldn't rather play the violin.
Okay... so I may have gone a little paparazzi on him, but he's always wanted to ride the bus and this is the first opportunity he's had! And I've always wanted those cute "getting on the bus" first day of school pics and never had the opportunity. Well, I certainly couldn't follow my almost 12 year old 7th grader to the bus stop to take pictures so I *might* have put on my telephoto lens and stood in the street snapping away. That is until some kid asked who was taking pictures and Max had to admit it was his mom. When he waved at me I made sure to do the biggest nerdy mom wave back that I could. What's the fun of having a Jr. High student if you can't embarrass them a little?
So, the bus actually loaded up the street where I couldn't get a shot... bummer. But here is the bus as it drives away, carrying my baby boy off to the scary world that is Junior High! *sigh*

Once I gained control of my emotions I ran inside to help Abby finish getting ready. She was probably the most excited of all. She picked her own outfit and hair-do, got herself up and ready and even made her own lunch! She is thrilled to be attending school with her neighbor friends but over the last couple weeks has mentioned that she misses her old school and friends a lot... I do to... but we are both really happy with how things are going so far. She rides her bike to and from school each day and is also participating in the gifted program, which she is really loving. Abby DID let me give her a ride the first day and even let me walk her to the door and give her a big hug and kiss!
What a beauty... 
I can not believe how old she looks in this picture.
Homework over the summer! Thats right. She had to come the first day with a poster all about her. She did an excellent job and put a lot of thought and effort into it. I think it turned out great. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail if you want.
Her awesome teacher, Ms. Earl. I can not tell you how much I like this teacher already. Abby loves her and I think they are going to have a great year together. She already comes home each day excited to share what they did and do her homework. I love it!
All lined up and ready to go make some new friends. *another sigh*

Chris and I enjoyed a few quiet days at home with Afton and Cole and then decided that Afton really needed something. She was begging to go to school each morning and even packed lunches for herself with all the kids. I called a pre-school right down the street and they just happened to have 1 spot left in the MWF 3 year old class. I went down right then and signed her up. So, on Wednesday (a week and half late) she had her first day of pre-school. This time the tears were flowing (mine, not hers... although she did cry when I came to pick her up)!! She is just so sweet and tiny and was SOOO excited and suddenly seemed so grown up. 
All ready to go... each morning she asks me about 10 times if it is time to go to school yet!
With her teacher "Mister" Jensen. (Her way of combining "Sister" and "Mrs."- I think it's so cute)
Lined up with her class... look how little she is compared to the rest. Also notice that there are 3 girls and 9 BOYS! Should be very interesting.
Showing off her work. I was shocked that she came home the first day already writing the letter P and saying p-p-p! She was also *sort of* writing her name and singing (to the tune of "are you sleeping") "r-e-d red, r-e-d red. I can spell red. I can spell red. Fire trucks are red... " you get the point. I think this is going to be a great year for her!

No pics of Cass... but she is back at UVU and so excited about her classes. We have high hopes for her and think she's going to be awesome!

Lest you think I am bored and lonely at home... please remember that I still have this adorable and BUSY little boy around to keep me very occupied!
Here's to an awesome school year for everyone!

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Karen Webb said...

Wow! You really got a lot done while Chris was gone! You are an amazing photographer! You also have some pretty cute kids to work with!