We love to Ski!

My family loves to ski. Chris likes to start them when they are about 3 and takes great care in teaching them. And they LOVE it. It is a great activity for them to do together and they enjoy the time with their dad. On New Years Day they were able to go with their cousins. It was cold and snowy but they all had a great time. It was McKenna's first time and only Arianna's 2nd, but they did a great job and learned quick. Hopefully this can be  fun thing for them to do together again.
McKenna, Abby, Max and Arianna.
Abby and Max on the ski lift.

I actually have some great video of the kids 
skiing but don't have time to add them now... 
I'll let you know when I have them up.


Heather said...

I LOVE these pics. Like beach pics...I can never get enough. Do you ski too? I know you're the photographer, but ya got to throw some of you in there too!

This looks like tons of fun, and a beautiful place to be w/your kids.

Katie said...

Actually... no, I don't ski. Chris took these while I was home in my warm house scrapbooking (and taking care of the 2 littler kids). I did ski as a kid but stopped when I was a teen. Chris would LOVE for me to ski and I promised I would give it another go in a year or 2.... when all the kids are old enough to stay with a sitter all day or come along.

Melanie said...

call us next time you go to Sundance!