Where in the World is...?

Last week Max won the school geography bee. That's right... he WON it! The kid didn't even study. In fact, we didn't even know about it until the night before! The bee included 5-8th graders and started with preliminary rounds in their individual classes. Then the 1st place student from each class went to the all school competition. Max did great.. he pretty much creamed the competition (remember he's only in 6th grade). The questions were really challenging and I found myself cringing because I was sure there was no way he would know it... and then he did! The kid can hold random facts in his head like no other... if only he could apply that skill to remembering when I ask him to do something! It was a very intense morning and we were very proud of our champ. A couple days later he took a timed written test and the top 100 scores in the state will go to the State Geography Bee... we'll keep you updated.
Studying the map.
Thinking really hard. Actually he was totally laid back the whole time. Sometimes he was even laying his head down on his desk and looked really bored. It didn't even phase him!
Max with the 2nd and 3rd place winners, both 8th graders. 
I love that he's a whole head shorter than both of them!
With Mr. Miller, one of his favorite teachers.
Extremely proud (and shocked) parents.
His medal.
He also received this commemorative coin and a certificate.

As a side note: Immediately following this he ran back to his class to do the class spelling bee. Unfortunately he didn't win it this year and will not be competing in the school bee. I'm pretty sure the excitement from the geography bee didn't help his focus. He did place 3rd so if the other 2 are unable to compete he'll get to go. It's all right and he was okay with it... he's placed 4th in the school for the last 2 years... time to give someone else a chance. Abby also did really well in her class. She placed 6th out of 25. She was pretty disappointed but we are really proud of how well she did. She got out on the word "paragraph"- pretty tough word for a 2nd grader!


Heather said...

wow, what a little star! I was soooo weak in Geog. and History when I was a kid. Good for him!!

Ashley Harmon said...

Go, Max! I'm so proud, and I'm not even family! :) Max has held trivia battles with Bryn and me a couple of times, and it just astounds me how much he knows! He's an amazing kid.

Katie said...

you are TOO family!

Katie said...

Family in training =)

Melanie said...

Way-to-go Max!

haylie said...

When I was a kid (fourth grade?) I got second place in the school spelling bee. I was SO upset. I got out on the word "diorama."

Stupid word.

In other news, how rad is Max? I especially like the detail about how he seemed bored. That's the way to do it... make your competition nervous ;-)
Congratulations, guys!

Nicole said...

Good job, Max! He is a little genius. Love the picture of Afton on the pot... to cute!