Abby's a Winner too!

Abby had been feeling pretty down. She was very disappointed about not making it into the school spelling bee finals and Max was getting a lot of attention for his big geography bee win. Well, her teacher had this really cool box full of ring pops that she hands out when kids do something great to earn them.When the box was empty everyone really wanted it so she had a drawing. Guess what? ABBY WON!! She was so excited... absolutely thrilled.
And she insisted that I take pictures and asked if I would blog it. Doesn't she look happy? We're really *proud* of her. =)


Amy said...

Go Abby! What a great box. So much you could do with it. My kids love a great box. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

A box lottery! Who knew? Abby's teacher is pretty creative. Congratulations on your box win, Abby (but even more so on you Taekwando belt advancement.)

Heather said...

You know they say that the box is more fun than the toy inside, er, ring pop inside.