AHS Dance Festival

Ahhh, the annual dance festival. My kids love this... 
okay Max hates it but this is my blog and I say they love it.
The 2nd graders did the Virginia Reel and Abby was so cute. She was all smiles and had so much energy. Seriously, she did everything 10 times bigger and better than anyone else. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom and a little biased... she really did a great job!
I was very proud of Max as well because, as much as he hates the dance festival, he didn't let it show and he did his best to have a good attitude about it. I'm not sure what dance they did, but it was really cute and he was able to dance with a bunch of different girls... including one he *likes* a little more than the others (she is not pictured).

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