Abby is a Martial Artist.

Last fall we finally started Abby in Taekwondo. She has always wanted to do this (in fact, she's wanted to teach it for years... even though she had never taken a lesson). She started in September and had her first belt test in October. Unfortunately, because we are new to this, I had NO idea what a big deal it is. Everyone else had cameras, video cameras and extra family members on hand... Abby just had me. She did awesome and has been progressing quite well since then. And, most important, she LOVES it. She had another belt test the end of January and this time we came prepared. The whole family went to support her and we have photos and video to share with you all.
Here she is lined up and ready to start. 
These test are actually quite challenging and 
I know she was a little nervous, but she was well prepared.
The first thing they have to demonstrate is their form. 
It is basically a memorized "routine" of basic moves. 
There is no room for  mistakes, they HAVE to do it 100% correct 
and if they mess up they only get one more try. 
She was nervous and ended up doing it twice, 
but she nailed it on the second try.
Then they have to do "attack and defense" with a partner. 
It is a choreographed fight sequence. 
(She starts actual sparring  soon)
Next they do a kick combination... she did great, again. 
Like I said, she was very prepared.
After that they have to recite some memorization. 
I love this part. 
They memorize a different thing for each belt level and they are all things that help them become a better person. 
For example, one of the lines she said this time talked about always facing challenges head on "today especially"!
Then she gets to break a board... this is her favorite part!!
She passed... she was so proud of herself.

Here is some video. I spliced it together. 
It shows part of her form, some partner stuff, her kick combination and her breaking the board. Enjoy.

The Belt Ceremony!
Abby is now, officially, a yellow stripe. She is now working toward her green belt, at which point she gets to advance to a new class. I am so proud of Abby and how well she has done with this. Her teacher is amazing (serious stuff... Olympics, national championships, he is very well respected) and she is learning so much more than taekwondo. He really expects a lot from his students and I have noticed a difference in Abby. Keep up the Good Work!

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