Happy New Year!

I know, I know... It's January 20th. I guess I'm a little behind. The truth is, we played a really great soccer game on New Years Eve (and by "we" I mean everyone else BUT me... I took pictures) and I couldn't narrow the pictures down so I just kept putting it off. I still can't decide which pics to use, but I've got to move on in my life so your getting 1 picture. That's right, just one picture of our very exciting and fun filled New Years Eve family soccer game:
Back, L to R: Hunter and Eric (my cousins), my Dad, Peter and Sam (my brothers), and the very attractive man is my husband, Chris. Front, L to R: a neighbor boy I don't know (but he is a VERY good player), Max and Abby (my cute kids) and Ben and Taylor (my nephews).

It was a good game and I'd like to add that the big kids are not easy on the little ones. Every one plays hard and has a great time. 

Meanwhile, back at the house... Afton enjoyed some one on one time with granny...
played in the dog kennel with her cousin Lizzie (I've never heard so much giggling!)...
and was spoiled by her Aunt Aubrey.
Coleman just enjoyed the "calm before the storm".
After everyone showered and changed we had a big and very delicious meal at my Dad's. It was quite a crowd. Here is the view of everyone from one direction...
and the other.
My Dad and Wendy
Chris, Afton and I
Sam, Saundra and Sarah
Abby, Taylor and Max (all with food in their mouths)
Lizzie, Ben and the always cheerful Luke.
Ashley ad Aubrey
Eric and Hunter (I never noticed that they have the exact same noses!)
Cassidy with her friend, Alyssa
and last, but not least, Peter!
It was a FULL HOUSE! 

We rang in the New Year at 10 o'clock with all the New Yorkers. I've always thought it was kind of lame to cheat on New Years, but it was awesome! The kids didn't know the difference, we weren't sitting around waiting and we were all happy and cheerful the next day. We will definitely be doing it this way from now on... and I'm sorry I thought all you cheaters were lame... You were so right!

Waiting for the ball to drop.
Almost time.
Happy New Year everyone (even if I am a little late)!!


Ashley Harmon said...

You folk know how to celebrate a holiday! :)

Heather said...

We always cheated too with our kids. And the best thing is that people that are driving home before the craziness hits!