The kids had their cousins over to make some 
Christmas treats and had so much fun!
Abby and McKenna made sugar cookies with Abby's new stuff.
 They did it almost all by themselves and shared the results. 
They were actually really good!
Max and Arianna made a giant gingerbread house with the 
help(?) of Afton and Milly. (how cute is Afton in this picture?)
They kind of gave up half way through, well Max did, 
and Aunt Traci and Arianna finished it off nicely (sorry, no pic).


Anonymous said...

I think Afton looks a whole lot like you here -- and yes, it's an adorable grin. All your kids are so cute. I loved the emotion over the Wii.

haylie said...

Katie, how cute is Afton in EVERY picture? Just sayin'.

Gentry Fam said...

How great is blogging! I am so happy you left a comment so we could find you guys. Your family looks so grown up and adorable. Yikes can you believe how fast they grow! Tell everyone hello!