Breakfast with Santa

On December 13th our church hosted a breakfast with Santa. It started with a really good breakfast (that I didn't have to cook... even better) and then we sang carols and the kids were able to visit with Santa Claus and do some crafts and games. It was a great way to start a Saturday morning and lots of fun for the kids to play with their friends and for us to visit with our neighbors. Thanks to the committee who worked so hard to put it on,,, we had a blast!
Max asked Santa for a Wii.
Abby asked for a violin (???)
Afton burst into tears the minute Santa walked in the room. 
When I asked her if she wanted to go sit on his lap she said...
It's so wierd... she talks about him, sings about him, 
says she wants to see him... until it's time.  
I keep thinking it will pass... maybe next year.
(I love Chris' face in the above photo- 
you can tell he's totally feeling her pain!)

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{sara} said...

Afton & Kennedi would be great friends. Kennedi does the same thing! When we went to the mall, she started crying before I even took her out of the stroller. BUT, she sure does love him when she can't see him!