The busiest day...

December 19, 2008.... it was a truly crazy, busy, full and fun day! The kids and I left home at 7:45 am with the car jam packed full of things we would need for the day. Upon arriving at school we delivered little gifts to all their teachers. The last day of school before Christmas is a big deal at their school and so much fun. We started off with the "All School Sing". It's so much fun and everyone participates. Afton loved watching the kids sing and even sang along... I was surprised that she knew so many of the songs.
The second graders combined to sing "The Gentle Beasts" and even had a cute little nativity scene set out in front. Abby's teacher played the guitar to accompany them.
Max's class sang "Good King Wens...." 
(I don't know how to spell it, but you know the one). It was quite lively and some of the kids even danced.
It was a great program and a perfect way to start the day.

Every year at AHS they collect teddy bears to donate to a women's shelter. All the students bring in teddy bears all month long and they decorate the trees in the main foyer with them. After the all school sing the kids line up in four lines going away from the trees and do what they call the "Teddy Bear Pass" and they hug the bears all the way down the lines and on to a truck to send to the shelter. My kids love this! They take great care in selecting the perfect bears and feel good about helping a child who needs something to love and call their own.
You would not believe how many bears there are... this is just one side.
Afton LOVES to play in all the bears while we wait.
As they pass the bears down the line each kids gives each bear a hug to take to their new home.
Afton loves to help the big kids pass the bears. Here she is helping Abby and her class.
I love Afton's face in this picture. This is one of Abby's favorite events every year and she thought having Afton there to help was pretty cool.
The older kids are a little sillier- you know... they're a little too cool for this kind of thing =). 
Max was with his best friend, Bridger, and they were excited when Afton showed up to give them a hand.
Max giving a big squeeze to one of the bears.

After that they had their class Christmas parties (while I made a quick run to the grocery store, back to the school with treats for Max's class, and then a quick run to Costso- all in 1 hour!) and then school was out for Christmas Break!! The kids were so excited. We went and grabbed some lunch (they got out at 12:00) and then went to my nieces house. Abby and Afton had fun playing with Emma and Max watched a movie while Aubrie and I finished up some Christmas gifts we were making. We left at about 2:30, just as a blizzard began. It was snowing so hard I could hardly see. But we had more plans and places to go so we were off (and very grateful for 4-wheel drive). 

Next stop: Grandma Kathy's and Grandma Carolyn's for our annual gingerbread house making!
Carolyn helping the kids glue their houses together (yea, we're cheaters... but it's much faster).
Everyone hard at work.
Grandma Kathy.
My little sister, Aubrey, did a great job entertaining the little ones.
Lizzie and Afton didn't make houses, but they sure had a lot of fun playing together.. I've never heard so much giggling!
Taylor and Ben.
Peter was an awesome help to all the kids (he always is), especially Ben... they came up with quite the masterpiece.
Abby's finished product... I think she ate more than she decorated.
Max's finished product. He takes this very seriously and his turned out great. 

It was a super fun way to spend the afternoon. In all we had both grandma's, my dad and step-mom, Aubrey, Peter, Sam and Saundra and their 4 kids and Chris and I and our 4 kids... a full house and tons of fun. We had a small devotional to end the evening and talked about the Savior and what we know about him... very sweet and simple for the kids. It was very fun to hear what they had to say.

By now it was about 6:00 and I was exhausted... but we went to dinner as a family and then Chris took the kids to see a movie and I brought Afton and Coleman home to go to bed. It was quite a day... very full and fun! I'm glad I don't have these kinds of days all the time... I don't think I could survive it... but it's great every once in a while. 


Anonymous said...

How fun! But yeah, way too much if every day were like that.

I *love* that they send the bears off with hugs.

Heidi said...

I don't know if I could survive ONE day like that! Bless you and your family for making it seem possible. :)

Katie said...

"seem" being the operative word...