Stringtown Polar Express

Remember the fun Nightmare Express Train my brother did for Halloween? Well, each Christmas they turn it into the Polar Express!! The train runs every evening for a week and during the day for school field trips and other groups. You must have an appointment and they already have almost 6,000 reservations for this year. The bad news: they are totally booked. The Good news: I was able to snag a "school field trip" time slot for me and all of my friends. So... come join me on Monday, December 15th from 9:00-10:00 am. The ride takes about 20 minutes and includes a visit to the North Pole with Santa Claus!! And it's free. I can fit 90 people in the hour so please feel free to invite you friends and family to join you. I do need to know for sure who is coming and you can let me know via email, phone call, facebook, or by leaving a comment here. I need to know exactly how many people you are bringing and what time slot you would like: 9:00, 9:08, 9:16, 9:24, 9:32, 9:40, or 9:48 (see below). I'd like to fill the later slots first because we are the first group of the day and then they won't have to start as early. Each train can hold 12-15 riders- depending on how many are "lap babies". I'll confirm with you that I got your message and I will have to say 1st to contact me is first served, as I'm sure the slots will fill up fast. Please be a few minutes early so we can stay on schedule as there is a very large group after us. There is a warm place for you to wait for your ride. Bundle up because it's supposed to be a snowy day... but that will make the ride that much better! If you would like a little more information you can visit their website here.  It explains it in great detail and even has pictures!! Oh yeah... don't forget your camera. Please feel free to pass this info along to anyone!

9:00 open
9:08 open
9:16 open
9:24 open
9:32 Taylor (3), Carrick (3), Peterson (2), Johnston (2+1 baby), Stowe (3+1) Full!
9:40 Parker (5), Johnston friend (2+1), Wilcox (3+1)  can fit 2-3 more
9:48 Ward (2+1 baby), Day (5+1), Browning (5) Full!


Carrick family said...

Hey, Suzy Taylor talked to me about doing it at 9 30 with her, Teri and others. I wanna come at 9 30. Three of us (me, and two girls)

Joy and Jeff said...

Can I come at 9:30 as well? It will just be me and Annie (2 people). Thanks, sounds like fun!

Julie Johnston said...

I'm going to join the 9:30 club if there is room. It's just me and Will. Thanks for the invite!

{sara} said...

Wish we could go! I told my cousin about it, though.

Nicole said...

Hey Katie...thanks for letting people join. My boys and I and our cousin would like to come at 9:30 with the others...(that would be 5 people). Thanks!

Wendy Day said...

Hi Katie,

Sara told me about this and thought my son Cody who is crazy about trains would love it. We would love to come on monday at 9:48 if room is still available. It will be me, Cody (5), Kaylee (3), my sister Susan, her daughter Olivia (2) and son Micah (1) that can ride on her lap. You can let me know either here or on facebook if this will work out. Thanks.

Amy said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for the invite. I would like to come at the 9:48 slot if there's still room It would be me, Cole, Aidan, my sister and her daughter so 5 total. Thanks so much.

the Wilcox Family said...

If available, we would love to come for the 9:40 trip. It will be 2 kids, me and a baby. Sounds fun!