Honoring Grandpa

My grandpa was such a great man that we had TWO funerals for him. I don't think that is very common... I've only heard of it happening for Presidents and stuff like that where they have a private "family" funeral and a public one too. The first funeral was in California where my grandpa has lived forever. It was amazing to see friends that he has known for 50 or so years. It really made me want to stay in one place forever to have those bonds of friendship when I am older. It was quite touching to see so many people come to honor him and so fun to see people I have known my whole life but haven't seen for a long time. It was a great funeral... the talks were perfect and the musical numbers were a wonderful addition. I had the privilege of representing all the grandkids and speaking and Chris was able to sing. It was so nice to be able to contribute to such a wonderful day. 

This first slide show is pictures I took in California. After the funeral we gathered at grammy's house and visited and ate and visited some more. It is mostly just a bunch of pictures of my family. Before you look at the pictures I have 2 disclaimers. #1 I was not seeking out everyone to get your pictures.. basically if you were near me I took your picture. So no one feel bad if you aren't in it. #2 Some of you simply refused to smile at me... so I put the picture I got. heehee.

Funeral #2 just sort of happened. Grandpa was going to be  buried in Spanish Fork, where he was born and raised, so the plan was funeral in Cali and burial with a simple graveside service in Utah. Well, so many people were going to be coming to California from Utah that it was decide to just do it again in Utah and save a bunch of people the trip. The second funeral was the exact same program (mostly) as the first and just as great. Again, it was great to see so much family and old friends. My grandpa was one of 10 children and all of his surviving siblings were there. Amazing. The graveside service was great with a full 21 gun salute and military honors. Highlights were my brother helping with the flag (he's in the Navy, grandpa was a Marine so all the other guys were marines), my sister-in-law playing taps (she's also in the navy, all the grandkids got a yellow rose to put on the coffin, and the perfect weather. Grandpa is buried just a few yards away from his parents and his name is now listed on the veterans memorial. Afterwards we had a big (yummy) family dinner at the church and then my mom, grammy, Cassidy and I went back to the cemetary to pay our last respects. It was a great day. I apologize for so many pictures, but I wanted to get everyone in (well, almost everyone). These are posted chronologically.

** Note to family: I have collected all the pictures and compiled them. As soon as I get the discs done I will get them in the mail.**


Cassidy said...

Hey you finally blogged! Yahoo. Loved your post. And the pictures- very funny (from funeral number one).

Brit said...

I was sad to miss the second funeral, thanks for posting those photos.

{sara} said...

Joel looks very handsome in his uniform. What a sweet experience for him to be able to participate in that. It's tough to say goodbye to loved ones, but wonderful to have so much family gather to do so.