Abby's Devotional

It was the 2nd graders turn to provide the school devotional for the month of November. In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving it was all about the pilgrims and Indians and the first Thanksgiving. They all did such a great job. After seeing the same kids in kindergarten and 1st grade it is so fun to see them grow up and have more confidence... this was the first year that every single child could be heard well and no one even fumbled. Abby was remarkable. She sang a short duet (see video below) and delivered her line like a pro (no video... the battery died). She seriously shocked us! Watching the devotional really reminded us of the spirit of thanksgiving and helped us prepare for the holiday. We are grateful our kids go to a school where they can have devotionals that help us to feel the spirit.
Abby all ready and excited to begin the program.
The whole set... didn't they do a great job?
Abby delivering her line.
I love the expression on her face and her fists clenched. 

"God's providential hand was at work making known the blessing of this new world and the part it would play in his plan of liberty and restoration. John Smith's writings about the new world came into the hands of the pilgrims and they determined to journey to this new world so they could worship as they pleased."

What a beauty!!
Coleman obviously enjoyed the devotional.

Sorry for the poor quality... we were caught off guard 
and didn't have the camera ready. But you can hear 
her and eventually you can see her.

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