Coleman's Blessing Day

We blessed Cole in church on November 2nd, exactly 11 years to the day from when we blessed Max. I seriously can not believe how fast time has flown. It was a beautiful day and Chris gave a beautiful blessing. We are grateful to everyone who supported us and were there with us. It was the day after grandpa's funeral and we felt fortunate to have so many people who would not have been able to be there otherwise. After church we crammed everyone into our home for a brunch and enjoyed being with all the people we love the most. It was a wonderful way to cap off an emotional couple of weeks and a joy to take a day and celebrate the sweet spirit who has joined our family. We are so blessed to have Cole with us and are truly enjoying him. He is a wonderful addition to our home and we love his smiles and the happiness he brings into our home.
Our family... look at all of them!
Very proud parents with their adorable little boy.
This is almost everyone who came. (we're missing my brother Joel and his family, but they came later) Again, thank you ALL for coming and sharing this special day with us.
This is all the men who participated in the blessing. Coleman's cousin Matt, Uncle Mike, Grandpa Higbee, Dad, Grandpa Farnsworth, Uncle Sam, and Great Uncle Dallas.
Just for fun... the babies LOVE cousin Hunter so we took this cute shot of him holding Lizzie, Ana, Sarah and Afton.


Stowe Family said...

Wow, you have a huge family! Coleman is so cute!

{sara} said...

Beautiful family...what a special day!