Merry Christmas!

Because we've reconnected with so many friends through blogging and facebook this year, I am posting our Christmas card and letter for all of you whose address' we may not have. Every year I am in charge of the picture, card and mailing and Chris writes the letter... it may seem a little unbalanced but I love it because he does a much better job than I would. This year he decided to make our letter a game so I scanned it in and posted it exactly how it went out in the mail. You can click on it and blow it up so you can play the game... you can even print it if you want.  

Abby (7 1/2), Coleman (3 1/2 months), 
Cassidy (19), Afton (2), and Max (11)

Merry Christmas!!

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scrapnchat said...

Hi Katie- Haven't written to you in a while...Hope you and your family have a nice holiday...I thought you were coming my way? Didn't work out last time but sure would love to see you...Heather