Celebrating 14 years

Chris and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary. I didn't take a single picture but I wanted to tell you about it anyway.  Cassidy came right after school on Friday to stay with the kids while we escaped. That evening we went and saw 'Twilight' and then had an amazing dinner at the Tree Room up at Sundance. This is a true dining experience that you must try if you never have, excellent food and atmosphere. It is pretty pricey though so don't take the kids and go with an empty stomach. We actually had a large gift certificate that covered a lot of the cost so we felt better about it. We stayed the night at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. It is one of our favorite places but we had never been there without the whole family. It's a whole different place in the winter with all the lights. On Saturday morning we enjoyed massages at the spa- our gifts to eachother- and relaxed until we absolutely had to leave the room. Oh yeah, we had a certificate for a free night at Zermatt so, other than the massages and our light breakfast at the bakery, we didn't spend a penny... Yeah! Then it was off to Park City for a little Christmas shopping at the outlet mall. I hadn't been there for years and never quite understood the appeal. Well,  it has grown a ton and there are some great stores. I'll probably be spending a lot more time up there. Of course we only bought things for ourselves... Merry Christmas to us!! Then we hurried home so Chris could catch the "BIG GAME" and I went back to reality. It was a fun weekend and I loved having some one-on-one time (+Coleman) with my best friend and sweetheart. I wish we could do that at least once a month... I think we both could really use it. 

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Heather said...

That sounds wonderful! I would LOVE to get away more with my man. Congrats again.