AHS Christmas Concert

On December 3rd Max's school had the annual Christmas music concert. It included everyone 4th grade and up. Each grade performed 2 numbers along with the High School Choir and the Jr. High/High School Orchestra. It was a great concert and they all sounded so good.

However, I had a bad mom moment... I loaded the videos on the computer and when I went to upload my pictures from my camera my brain told me I had already done the choir concert so I deleted them. They were great pics too. So, I've included 2 clips of Max's songs... they are short because blogger doesn't like long videos. I especially like the second one where Max is yawning!



Heather said...

Ah dang, I hate when that happens! I have deleted vacay pics before, and it broke my heart!

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments! When I'm not in school, I go wacky crazy cooking. It's sooo fun. Have a great Christmas Katie, God bless you and all your family!

Heather said...

Thanks for the costco info. I was wondering. It's weird tho...when I see the pics on my camera they look horrible, but on my blog they look nice. I haven't printed any yet, so I'll do that first then decide.