Christmas Devotional... and a Happy Birthday!!

The first Sunday of every December our church televises a wonderful Christmas devotional. Our tradition is to gather at Kathy and Carolyn's house to watch it and then help them decorate their tree. It works great for us because we don't have TV and our kids seem to pay more attention when there are cousins watching with them and other adults to help keep them in line. As I was sitting there enjoying the broadcast surrounded buy people I love, I looked at the cozy scene around me and my heart was full. I know that probably sounds so cheesy, but I loved listening to the words of the prophet while snuggling on the couch with my sweetheart holding my baby and watching my children read Christmas stories. Perhaps I'm still suffering from post-pregnancy hormones... but it was a really great evening.
Everyone gathered around listening to Elder Eyering.
Grandma Kathy helped keep the littlest ones occupied so we could focus on the speakers.
Abby read a whole bunch of really great Christmas books.
Taylor and Max playing a game of checkers... 
while listening, I'm sure =)
After the devotional we wished Wendy a Happy Birthday and 
enjoyed some really yummy cake... chocolate, of course.
Grandma Carolyn lead the crew in decorating the tree.
My dad. He's posing for me.
My little sister Aubrey giving Afton a lift.
Abby loves to decorate Christmas trees... 
she did our whole tree practically by herself this year!
Max, Taylor and Grandma Kathy. 

As Kathy and Carolyn say: "Many hands make lights work". 
Can't wait to do it again next year!

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