Hallowen (finally!)

Chris and I are pretty much the luckiest parents in the world when it comes to Halloween. My family hosts the Nightmare Express train every year and my kids would rather work at that then go trick-or-treating! And, they wear the same thing to do it every year (the only costume I bought was Afton's because Coleman wore the same one all my babies have worn)! So, we dropped the kids off, rode the train so we could see what they do, and then we left them there and WENT OUT TO DINNER. How lucky are we!! It was a really fun night and they had a blast doing their thing. Oh, and the best part? We don't have all that candy sitting around for the next few weeks! I hate to do another slideshow, but there were just too many pictures to share.

Some explanations:
*Couldn't really get pictures of Max and Afton because Max wouldn't stop doing Ninja moves and Afton insisted on flying like a "bu'fly". Abby, of course, looked beatiful and you can't go wrong with Coleman.
*Abby was very concerned that my mom and grammy didn't have costumes so she ran down to the dress up box to find something. So, my mom was a rabbit and grammy was a teletubbie (has she even heard of the teletubbies?)
*Off to the train... that's my brother and my dad driving the trains.
*Max was in the Pirate cave and had fun shooting the canon on smoke at people. That's my cute cousin Hannah with him, she was tied to a pole screaming. She pretty much rocked it.
*Abby was in Dracula's lair.. she was their daughter and she loved scaring people.
*I was a Doctor for the 5th year in a row. You can't beat scrubs when it comes to comfort!
*Cassidy was Wonder Woman for the 2nd year in a row.
* On the way home we stopped at Chris' sisters house to see some of the Higbees and Leisa's cool decorations. I love the pumpkin... look close. Oh, and Matt was Elvis for the 29th year in a row =)

It was a great Halloween and we all had a great night. it was fun to have lots of extra family in town (grandpas funeral #2 was the next day) and we can't wait for next year.

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{sara} said...

That looks like such a FUN Halloween! That's pretty cool that Sam puts that on!