Yummy Mummies

Every year, right around Halloween, we get together with my family at our adopted grandma's house to make "yummy mummies". We all have a great time with our masterpieces and some people get really serious about it. It is a wonderful, fun tradition that my kids love and look forward to every year... they especially love eating their creations. Thanks, Kathy and Carolyn, for including us in the fun!
The whole crowd hard at work. (Well, most of the crowd. Saundra was off with her 2 little ones and Wendy was holding Coleman so I could take pictures)
Joel and Melody with their kids, JJ and Ana, working on their mummies... 
they are very creative and made some pretty cool ones.JJ trying very hard to get pizza sauce off his cute little nose... 
don't you love that face?
Ashley helped Afton. They went for a traditional pizza in miniature form.Kathy helping Ben, Max and Abby. My kids LOVE this kind of thing and came up with lots of cool ways to make their yummy mummies.My Dad. He's always happy.Grandma Kathy showing some of the mummies as they came out of the oven.

Can't wait to do it again next year!


{sara} said...

What are 'yummy mummies'? They sure do look YUMMY!

Katie said...

I'ts pizza wrapped up in the dough like a mummy. I bet you could find a recipe by googling it. We use rhodes pre-made dough, roll it out, put all the toppings and wrap it.... YUMMY!