Old Friends

Chris went to high school with a very talented group of people and was part of the choir/theater crowd (big surprise... I know). The day after Thanksgiving they decided to have a "Friends Concert". They rented a facility and everyone was invited to perform and they even recorded it and made a CD for everyone. It was a full, fun day. We gathered in the morning to rehearse some group numbers, had a lovely brunch and then went to do the performance. It was quite entertaining and so fun to be with everyone. The best part was watching all of our children playing together. We are so glad we did it and plan on making it an annual tradition. Here are a BUNCH of pictures from the performance (I wish I'd gotten more pictures of all the kids) in no particular order (basically, however they loaded into blogger). I tried to get everyone but I'm sure I missed some... sorry. Thank you all for being our friends... we loved spending the day with you!


Macy said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted these pictures. I was so sad I live so far away. I'm seriously considering coming to Utah for Thanksgiving next year just to be there for the next concert. :)

Jeanne said...

I'm sad I missed it as well. How to see everyone and perform together. Any chance of getting video or sound clips put up?