The Aftermath

The day after Christmas... what a wonderful day. 
Everyone just sits around, bein' lazy, enjoying new toys. 
It was a great day and so relaxing!

Our nephew Tyler was with us for the holidays 
and quickly became Abby's best friend. 
He was soooo good to her and extremely 
patient with her many demands.
He took her sledding and was nice enough to carry 
her on his shoulders most of the time.
And he was everyones favorite Wii partner. 
(Even though he laughed at me). He is a pro! 
Tyler was a blast to have around. He is such a cool kid 
and we can't wait until he comes to visit again!

So what did Max do while we were having all this fun?
That's right.  Sound asleep. After such an emotional Christmas (please see previous post), a Christmas night sleep over with his cousins, and way too much Wii... he crashed for a good 4 hours!

Ahhh, the holidays!

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Heidi said...

Your kids are stinkin' adorable. I love reading about your family. :)