5, 6, 7, 8!

Our niece, Katie, is on the competition drill team at her High School and they had a "preview" night to show their pieces before they started competitions for the year. It was so fun to go watch her dance and she did such a great job. She is an excellent performer and gets so into it and has the absolute cutest facial expressions ever. It is fun to watch her because you can tell she really loves what she is doing and that she is having a great time. She even performed a sole and SHE ROCKED IT!!! And I am extremely critical. I was so impressed and it made me so happy to watch her doing so well. I loved it. 
Katie is the 3rd one back. Isn't she adorable?
Front row on the left.
Second one in on the left.
That hurts just looking at it.
During her solo... seriously, she was amazing. 
I wish I could post 100 pictures (believe me I have 'em. I took exactly 245 pictures that night). And check out her calf! Man, I miss my dancing days.

Keep up the good work, Katie!


Nicole said...

I love this post! It takes me back to my H.S. days when I was on drill team. Good times...

They look really good by the way. What school does she go to? She has got great legs!!

Cassidy said...

You should post this on the higbee happening's website.

Lesa said...

that makes me tired just looking at it...oh how it would be to be young again.

{sara} said...

I can't remember what I was going to say...I looked at the word verification & it is 'aching'...that pretty much sums up how I would feel after just attempting those moves!