Happy Birthday, dear Afton! Happy Birthday "2" You!

(Picture taken 9/29/06 about 30 minutes after she was born)

Today is Afton's 2nd birthday! I seriously can't believe my big baby (that's what we call her now that there is also a little baby around) is TWO YEARS OLD!! I don't think she gets it. I have sung the birthday song to her about a 100 times since she woke up this morning, and she does sing along and even knows that we are saying her name in the song and we are trying to get her to hold up 2 fingers and tell us how old she is, but she still doesn't get it. She just keeps asking for a hat and cake. In fact, she's a little bit grumpy today... are the terrible two's officially starting? We plan to celebrate by going to dinner as a family tomorrow night and then we are having a big family birthday party next Sunday evening. Hopefully she'll get it by then. So, in honor of Afton, here are ten things you may not know about her (In no particular order):

1. Lately she has been calling herself by her whole name, Afton Grace. So cute with her lisp. She also calls us "Chris" and "Katie"... but only when she really wants to get our attention.

2. She has yet to sleep through the night and still naps in our bed (although that will be changing starting today!) However, she is my most consistent sleeper (ie. same time every day/ night) and even asks to go to bed when she is tired.

3. Is proving to be a GREAT sister. We've had no problems with the new baby and she is even quite helpful. She loves to get the diapers and wipes when he needs a diaper changed and is very protective of him, especially when he is crying. She loves her older brother and sister (when they aren't teasing her) and can't wait to get in the car to get them after school so she can play with them.

4. I guess you know this because I already posted it, but she is a big helper. She loves to help me with whatever I'm doing: laundry, dishes, dusting, etc. And, unlike most small helpers, she is actually quite helpful. She even says thanks when you have her help you. Imagine that... a kid thanking you for letting you do work around the house! She even gets excited to pick up dog poop in the back yard and, yes, she THANKS ME for letting her do it!

5. LOVES to read, color, sing, dance, play outside, ride her bike, go for walks, watch movies and her binky.

6. Has a thing for opposites... says up when she means down and down when she means up. Does it with yes and no too.

7. She has an excellent memory of promises we make, where we hide things, etc. Makes it very difficult to try to trick her out of something. The other day she asked for a "cookie chocolate" for about 3 hours even though I kept trying to distract her.

8. Is the happiest kid I've ever seen. Seriously happy to do almost anything... play outside, play inside, help mom, take a nap... anything. 

9. She has the cutest voice and lisp (as I've mentioned before). I could sit and listen to her talk for hours. She is so polite and speaks with such adult language that it makes it even cuter. I love how she says please, thanks, sorry, "mines" and other things you don't usually hear from kids her age.

10. She's a great eater. She hasn't always been (which is why she is so little), but now she'll eat anything... and tons of it!

We love Afton so much and are so grateful she is in our family. It took us a long time to get her here and we thought we may never have any more kids after Abby. The day she was born was one of the happiest days of my life and I'll be forever grateful to have her as my daughter. She is truly a little bleesing in our home!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Afton!

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