Showered with Love

My sweet sister-in-law, Karen, threw a baby shower for me yesterday at her home. We decide to keep it small, family only, and we had a great time celebrating the upcoming arrival of my fourth and final bundle of joy. I am extremely grateful to everyone who came and for all the lovely gifts (the group gift was a much needed double stroller that I lOVE and I'm sure will get a lot of use!). We also tied a quilt together that Coleman is sure to love and I'll think of all of you when I use it. Everyone was so thoughtful and it meant a lot to me that you all took time out of your busy Saturday to be with me! It was so fun to just visit and be together... I have the greatest family on earth!
"The Quilters": Karen (sis-in-law), Abby, Ethelynn (mother-in-law), Grandma Jackie, Grandma Kathy, and Suzanne.
Abby learning how to tie  a quilt with Grandma Higbee. Abby was so proud of herself. When I said this would be a great blanket to put on the floor and have Coleman play on she looked shocked and told me this was a "special quilt". I wonder if I'll ever get to use it!
Karen and I holding up the (almost) finished product.
"The non-quilters": Melody (sis-in law), baby Sarah (niece), Aubrey (sister), Wendy (bonus mom), Saundra (my sis-in-law) and my mom, Bevan.
My super cute niece, Aubrie, and her very shy daughter, Emma.

Unfortunately a lot of the pictures didn't turn out (my fault... I had my camera on a manual setting... people who took pictures for me should not feel bad) so a lot of you aren't in here! Sorry and thanks for coming Jolie, Katie, Alyssa and, of course, Cassidy!  You all made my day.


Mike & Nicole said...

Hey lady! Sorry I missed the shower. We need to chat, but basically... it is hard for me to go to those things right now. I was thinking of you, though!!!

Brit said...

I guess you have to be the right family to be invited. Just kidding! I am so excited to meet your newest addition!! Good luck on Wednesday. =)

Katie said...

You were invited... I was actually sad you weren't there. I wonder why you didn't get the invite? Sorry! Call me on my cell when you get back in town on Thursday and come see us!

Katie said...

Brit, my sis-in-law just called. She got your invite back in the mail. Bummer!