Did I ever show you this one?

No, I don't think you've had the pleasure of seeing this gem:
This is what happens when the family is busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner and the 2 year old is left unsupervised while they think she is taking a nap. The slimy stuff? Kids toothpaste. (Click on the picture to enlarge it and get the full slime effect). I am so glad it isn't what I thought it was when I first found her!! (PS the lovely evening gown is actually Abby's shirt layered over a multi-fuctional onesie)


Keli said...

LOL! Yes, I did mean to put the lol in caps! I am laughing loud! That is awesome!

Amy said...

OH MY! That is so funny.

{sara} said...

Too funny!!! I'm scared to think of what kind of mischief she & Kennedi might get in to!