More Singing...

Look out 'American Idol'... this girl can't stop!! I couldn't pick just one... so I posted all three. Mostly for the grandparents to enjoy. There were just little things I loved about each one.

What I love about this one:
That she is trying to sign some of the words as she plays the piano. I didn't tell her to do this and we have never signed this song with her. I love that they are just there in the back of her mind and that even though she doesn't sign as much as she used to she can still pull them out some times.

What I love about this one:
It's the same song as the above video, but because she doesn't try to sign you can understand her cute lyrics a little better... like "I am a child of God and Jesus sent me here" (for those of you unfamiliar with the song it goes "I am a child of God and He has sent me here". I love the way toddlers make up lyrics based on what they think they hear.

What I love about this one:
I didn't film this, Max did. I love his comments to her, her runny nose, and the lyrics speak for themselves.


Stowe Family said...

That's pretty cute!

Ashley S. Harmon said...

Oh, how cute!
These are adorable. :) I hope she pursues her love for singing!

Sarah Shelley said...

I love those!!! So cute!!! I can't believe she is so old! I remember you bringing her as a baby to Oliver! I can't wait for Miles to start talking/singing more!

{sara} said...


Nicole said...

Very cute! She is arleady such a performer:)