He likes it!!

When Cole was 5 months old we decided to venture into the world of solid foods. We started with plain old basic rice cereal. He was very excited for this new step! He loved sitting in his big chair and all the attention everyone was putting on this new activity. We literally had the whole family sitting around with eyes on Cole to see how he would respond.
First bite... not so sure about the texture...
...or what to do with the strange substance in his mouth.
But he new this was a good thing and smiled for more. He really did like it and would smile as we were feeding him, but the minute it hit his mouth...
... he would gag. He just wasn't sure what to do with it!
While he liked the food, he did NOT like the gagging. Hard to feel sorry for someone with eyelashes like that!!
In the end it was a very successful first attempt at feeding and he hasn't slowed down. He is now (4 months later) eating fruits and vegetables, finger foods and pretty much anything we're eating that we feel save sharing with him. This kids does love to eat!!
This video was taken of his first couple bites... I love that the minute it goes in it comes right back out. Took him a while to get the whole swallowing thing mastered.

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