Christmas Flashback

Our Christmas Card Photoshoot was pretty much a bust!! You've seen the one we chose for our Christmas card here and another favorite is currently in our blog header. Why was it so painful, you ask? Well... the sun was right in every ones eyes, Max and Abby were totally uncooperative for the first 20 minutes and by the time we threatened them enough into cooperating Afton was worn out and done (so we have a bunch of pictures of Afton looking adorable and Max and Abby being grumpy and or posing weird and then a bunch with Max and Abby looking great and Afton crying... of course, Cass looks great in all of them and we were lucky if we could just get Cole to sit up straight and look in the general direction of the camera... if I weren't so behind I'd post my favorite out takes). It was also much chillier than we anticipated it would be. I did try to catch a couple shots of each kid alone and here are a few of my favorites (Afton was REALLY done by this time).


{sara} said...

You would have never guessed it was such a nightmare...the pics. look great! Isn't that how it always goes trying to get pics. of the kids? I know it's like that here!

Keli said...

All of the single shots are really good...if you didn't mention it, I would never know that it was such a hard day!