Down to the Cabin

Memorial Day weekend we went down to Mount Pleasant to spend a little time at the cabin with my side of the family. We had quite a crowd and a lot of fun. We drove down Sunday after church and enjoyed the evening relaxing, playing games, watching movies and bonding.
After getting very little sleep (let's just say a lot of little kiddies and babies waking each other up with every little sound made for a long night) we arose early Monday morning. The dad's and middle-sized kids took off on a 4-wheeling adventure:
While the rest of us stayed behind and held down the fort: 
Look! It's a picture of me!
Afton had a great time picking wildflowers for her mommy...
and playing on the swingset with her cousins.
While Cole bonded with Grandpa and cousin Sarah.
This is my sister, Aubrey. 
We call her the dog whisperer.
This is my brother Peter. We call him ChiaPete... 
although that has nothing to do with this picture.
Then we packed up the car and headed off for our next adventure.

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Stowe Family said...

Hey Katie,

I forgot that Chris was from Mt. Pleasant. I have a good friend that is from there, her name is Stacey Johansen, her married name is Willardson. Her dad is a turkey farmer in Mt. Pleasant. I've been to her house a couple of times, everyone is so friendly there!! I love small towns.