Grandpa's Grave

On the way home from our fun weekend we stopped in Spanish Fork to visit Grandpa's grave and leave some flowers. This was our first time back since he passed away last October. I love that he is buried here... small town cemetery's are great. There were so many people there, the place was covered with flowers, and there was just a general overall good feeling. We took some time to walk around and enjoy the surroundings.
We went over to the Veteran's Memorial. 
Grandpa's name is now officially engraved on the memorial.
My favorite thing was this grassy area where thy had put out a flag for every vet that was buried in that cemetery. We walked up and down the rows looking for grandpa's, but they weren't in a particular order so we never found it. I was still so touched by it and thrilled that he is honored in such a way in the town he grew up in.
I know I'm extremely late, but...
Happy Memorial Day!
I'm so grateful to those who have gone before who have helped shape me and make my life as wonderful as it is.

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