Just Call Me Ree

As in 'The Pioneer Woman'. (Note: If you do not follow her blog, you should. That's all I'm going to say about that!) When we left the cabin on Memorial Day we all went over to a real working ranch to help 'sort calves'. I must admit the only reason I wanted to go was to take cool pictures and have funny stories just like Ree. And I thought it would be a fun and different experience for my own little punks. Well, let's just say it's not as glamorous as she makes it look. It was hot,  dusty, smelly, noisy, and the mosquitos were out in full force. We only made it about an hour before the babies were ready to go, but it was a fun experience anyway.
Max, Peter and Aubrey ready to get to work.
Afton doing a great job staying out of the way ;)
Abby was totally into it. She sat on this fence and watched with great concern the entire time. She only got down once to come over to me and express her sadness for the calves and her worry that they were in pain. I pointed out that it's just like when Coleman gets his shots, he cries for a minute and then he's fine. I pointed out that the calves just hop up and run to their mom's the minute it's over and are just fine. I love that she is so tender-hearted and loves animals so much.
Aubrey, Chris, Sam, and Peter pushing the calves through.
My Dad... I'm not sure what he was doing... 
he was kind of all over the place.
Max was the first one to get bored. He really didn't like the heat, dust, and bugs. He went and sat in the car. (Good thing I'm really not the Pioneer Woman.... he'd be in big trouble!)
Cole sat so happily the entire time. Just a happy little kid.
Afton was not so happy. This activity fell right during her nap time and she was very mad that she couldn't be right in the middle of things and that I was taking so many pictures but not any of her pony. (I did finally take one.) She is the main reason we ended up leaving when we did. (Side note: we left the ranch and went into Ephraim to see some of the places Chris grew up and have lunch at the Malt Shop. Afton had fallen asleep in the car and when I took her in she stayed sound asleep through the entire meal... she never does that!)
Wendy did something with the shots... 
brave woman... I could never do that!
My brother, Luke, held the branding wand at the ready so they could grab it and do it quickly. He refused to look at me so I have about 15 pictures that look just like this.
My very own "Marlboro Man"... take me home cowboy!

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