He's leaving... on a jet plane

This is our nephew, Jaremy (with his girlfriend, Dani). He graduated from BYU last August and, after a taking a year off, has signed up for a program called 'Teach for America' where he will be sent to a struggling school to teach (he was assigned to Mississippi after his summer training in Texas). We are so proud of him and think he will do a great job. The kids are going to love him (he'll be teaching High School Biology and Chemistry). He has been there a few months now and is learning and growing and seeing so much hardship. I'm glad he is doing whatever he can to make a difference. He has already promised to take his top 2 students to Washington DC at the end of the year and has had quite a few 'freedom writer' type experiences. The Sunday before his departure we gathered at his house for desserts and s'mores around the fire to spend some time with him. We wish him the best and were so glad to be there with him!
(Higbee's: I took a lot more pictures than this. I'll post them over on the family blog... someday... maybe...)


Anonymous said...

Google Reader said you had 34 new posts and now I am all caught up. :)

I loved all the great photos of your gorgeous kids and the fun things you've been doing.

I think Abby will like the A.L.L. program; Ike did it for 5th and 6th grades and we mostly liked it (I would have liked it if they'd had fewer projects, but I did like the types of projects they did.)

Melanie said...

we missed you this weekend at the reunion, but, it looks like you are having a great time at yours..