Music Man

The last Saturday in May Max had his piano recital. He did awesome and even played a piece that he arranged himself. He had taken songs from his video games and learned to play them by ear and then arranged them into a piece. We were very proud of him. I'm not going to post video this time because it is really long and I'm so behind I don;t want to take the time to edit it. Besides it's mostly for the grandparents anyway... so if you want to hear it please ask him to play it for you=)After the recital Chris took him to get a cello. That's right... in addition to the piano and the guitar, Max has decided to try his hand at the cello. Chris plays and so Max has always wanted to learn. He has signed up for the beginning orchestra in Junior High and they have summer school to get started on their instruments so we needed to get his cello in time for him to start.
It really is a gorgeous instrument... the wood is absolutely beautiful. The day he got it he could already play 'Twinkle, twinkle little star'. I am so excited for him. We love music in our home and are thrilled that Max has embraced it and loves it too.


Ashley S. Harmon said...

What a talented kid! And playing by ear? How neat! Can't wait for a concert! :)

Joy said...

I think it's fantastic that he is so excited about music. It is so good for him! He really is a talented kid.