End of School Party

Last year our neighborhood started a fun tradition (see post here) of gathering for a picnic lunch, whipped cream fight and water games on the last day of school. It is so much fun and so many people come out to celebrate the end of school and beginning of summer. This year proved to be even more fun than last year!! We are grateful for fun neighbors (Cami) who plan things to bring us all together! 

Abby was so ready for the fight this year. We stocked up on whipped cream and she was ready to go!!
I have no idea what she is saying to this boy...
but I love her face and how quickly she ran when he responded!
I think she ate MOST of her cream!
Plotting with her cute friend, Bridgette.
Abby always loves the slip n slide.
Afton, on the other hand, is much more hesitant to try things. 
She sat and watched tho kids on the slip n slide forever. 
She even got up close and touched the water. I could tell she really wanted to do it but was scared so I cut her to the front of the line and talked her into it.
Getting a last minute pep talk for her BFF, Ellie.
She didn't really slide... she mostly just scooted, very slowly, down the slide.
But she loved it. Just look at that smile.
She did it! Once. She wouldn't go again. 
But I'm proud of her for being so brave.
Cole, on the other hand, is absolutely NOT afraid of water.
He was right there in the middle of everything and kept crawling right into the slip n slide.
It's a miracle he didn't get run over. 
He loved to watched the kids slide past him and feel the splash of water on his face. 
He laughed so hard!

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