What time is it? Summertime!

Yesterday our neighborhood had an end of school party in the park (it was the last day of school for our local school). It was a lot of fun and many of our neighbor friends were there. The kids enjoyed water guns, a slip 'n slide and even sprayed whipped cream all over each other! Max wasn't sure he wanted to go (he thought he was too old for this kind of thing) but he ended up having a blast. Fortunately there wee a few older kids there and he even had fun chasing a certain cute girl around. Abby was most in to the slip 'n slide and had fun showing off her skills. Even Afton got into it. She liked to play in the water the slip 'n slide shot up and watching the kids slide down. She didn't understand why everyone got mad at her for standing in the middle of the slip 'n slide and was not happy when I took her off. Oh well, nothing a warm towel and a popsicle can't fix! Everyone brought a picnic lunch and yummy treats to share... there were some awesome cookies I'm going to need to track down the recipes for! It was nice to sit in the sun and enjoy the company of some of the other moms, too. Of course, in weird Utah weather fashion, it was hot and sunny to start out and by the end it was raining...COLD rain! But, it was super fun while it lasted and a great way to kick of summer! Thanks for organizing it, Cami. I think this will become a fun tradition for our neighborhood.

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Cami said...

Katie- I'm so glad you guys came. It was a fun time! We need to hang out more. I think our kids would have fun together. Maybe we could get together and do something as families. Great pictures by the way!