Watch Out, Ladies!

Max is not happy with me right now. I MADE him get his haircut, literally. Ever since he was 4 and people told him he looked like Harry Potter he has insisted on long, shaggy hair and even taking him in for a trim was torture. Well, I gave him about a weeks warning and told him I was putting my foot down... we were cutting his hair really short for the summer! I explained that at almost 11, he was too old for the messy look and needed to look like a kid who cares about his appearance. We talked about the importance of putting his best out there for the world to see and what people think when they see a handsome young man as opposed to someone who looks like they just don't care. Besides, I told him, the ladies will love it! Anyway, it's been a couple days, I LOVE it, and I think it's growing on him. I did have to sit down and go through a magazine with him to show him how cool that style really is, though.

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Stowe Family said...

Tell Max I love his hair! Very styish! He's going to be having all the ladies calling him.