It's a BOY!!

We are absolutely thrilled! The kids were really hoping for a boy (except Afton, who has no idea what's going on or that her perfect little life is about to be turned upside down). Two boys and two girls... what more could we ask for? Our family will be complete! The countdown begins... 18 weeks to go (and lots of shopping to do)!
Most definitely, obviously, without a doubt...A BOY!
(Chris is so proud!)

Hard to see, but that's his face to the left, looking at you, you can sort of see one eye. On the right is the abdomen.

I was only going to put 2 images but I thought this one was so cool. It really is amazing that there is a little person in there and that they can see it so well with modern technology. (It's a leg and foot for those of you who have a hard time figuring out these things)


Katie said...
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Amy said...

Congratulation Katie. You're one of the lucky few with a perfect mix.

Stowe Family said...

Congratulations Katie! It's exciting your having a boy, now Max will have a little brother. Hope your feeling good, you still look great. You are the type that only gains 20 pounds, lucky you! I gain way too much when I'm pregnant!

Lesa said...

Hey that is a boy alright, yeah! I am so excited for you! It will be a fun change.