Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year. It was more of a Mother's Week and a half. First, there was the very relaxing and enjoyable trip to Arizona which included a massage and a day at the spa (Chris' official gift to me). Saturday morning we had Chris' parents over for breakfast and Chris made his super awesome omelets. Then there was Girls Night Out with the Higbee girls, in Tericia's honor, but fun for all of us mom's to get away and pamper ourselves as well. When I got home Saturday night there was a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen multi colored roses... I love it. Sunday morning the kids gave me gifts they had made at school including coupons (Max is going to babysit and Abby is going to clean all the toilets... woohoo!), we went to church and the kids sang and the young men handed out roses, I got a nap, and then we went to dinner at my dad's (prepared entirely by the men in the family). Max was so funny, all day he kept telling me I shouldn't lift a finger, instructing me to go relax and holding my arm like a gentleman every time we were walking anywhere. What a cute boy! It was an awesome day (week) and I felt very loved and
grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mom.

I also want to make sure all our moms, grandmas, bonus moms and bonus grandmas know how much we love and appreciate them. We are lucky to have so many of you in our lives!

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